Our Products

Triworm-D for Sml Dogs 10'Shipper(0-10kg)Blue
Triworm-D Sml Dogs 1 Tab (0-10kg)Blue
Triworm-D Med Dogs 10' Shipper(10-20kg)Orange
Triworm-D Med Dogs 2 Tab(10-20kg)Orange
Triworm-D Lrg Dogs 10' Shipper(20-40kg)Green
Triworm-D Lrg Dogs 4 Tabs(20-40kg)Green
Triworm-C Foil Packs for Cats 20'
Triworm-D Foil packs for Dogs 50'
Triworm-C for Cats 10' Shipper(up to 8kg)Purple
Triworm-C for Cats 2 Tabs(up to 8kg)Purple
Triworm-D Tubs for Dogs 50'
Triworm-D XL Tubs for Dogs 15'
Triworm Envelopes 15'