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Treat Achilles Sinew
Treat Beef Chews 80g (chewy treat foil packet)
Chew Bone Beef Femur Lrg
Chew Bone Beef Marrow Joint Packed
Beef Nibbles 70g
Treat Beef Stick/Pizzle
Chew Bone Joint Smoked x2
Treat Beef Sinew Flat
Treat Liver Biltong 100g
Treat Chicken Biltong 50g
Treat Tripe Sticks 45g
Treat Tripe Sticks 180g Bulk Pack
Chew Hooves Cow/Ox Untrimmed
Treat Doggy Chips 100g
Treat Dry Sausage Tub x36
Treat Dry Sausage 450g Bulk Bag
Treat Dry Sausage Sml 100g Pack
Treat Dry Sausage Bite Size 100g
Chew Hooves Gourmet
Chew Pigs Ear Strips 100g
Treat Puppy Pack 60g
Chew Bone Pork Rump Sml Packed
Treat Liver Biltong 200g
Treat Beef Biltong Stick 45g
Chew Bone Smoked Marrow Sml Packed
Chew Bone Smoked Marrow Lrg Packed
Chew Pigs Ears Smoked
Treat Doggy Crisp 250g
Treat Doggy Crisp 45g
Chew Bone Smoked Scapula Packed
Treat Beef Twister
Chew Hooves Cow/Ox Trimmed
Treat Boredom Buster Medium
Treat Boredom Buster Large
Treat Boredom Buster 6xSml Bulk Pack
Treat Peanut Crunchie
Treat Beef Biltong Twist Medium
Peanut Butter for Dogs 800ml(new)
Treat Doggy Doughnuts 210g
Treat Doggy Doughnuts 70g
Treat Ostrich Snap Stix 200g
Treat Ostrich Snap Stix 40g
Treat Chicken Nibbles Bulk Pack 300g
Treat Ostrich Knee Caps
Treat Peanut Butter Lolly
Treat Peanut Butter Lolloy Jumbo
Treat Denta Trac 2 Pack
Bretzel (single)
Gourmet Hooves pack of 5'
Sea Roll Mops 50g
Sea Roll Mops 90g
Chew Pig Tails Bulk 200g
Treat Beef Sinew (Spaghetti)
Chew Filled Wrapped Pigs Ear
Chew Lamb Hooves
Treat Chicken Neck 70
Natural Hide Chip 35g
Natural Hide Chips 250g
Natural Hide Chips 500g
Natural Hide Chips 1kg
Natural Hide Koeksister
Natural Hide Koeksister Bulk
Natural Hide Rings Lrg
Natural Hide Rings Sml
Treat Peanut Brittle 210g
Natural Hide Patties Bulk
Natural Hide Patties Sml 100g (tbd)
Launch Stick
Bretzels (4 Pack)
Treat Boredom Buster Small
Chew Joint Bone Sml 6 Pack
Treat Boredom Busters Med Bulk P8
Treat Twister Pack of 4
Meat Puffs Sml Pack 40g
Canneloni Packed
Canneloni Bites
Canneloni Pack of 5
Treat Beef Biltong Twist Sml
Twisted Chewy Treat Pack 60g
Treat Peanut butter Lolly Pack of 12
Treat Puppy Bites 55g
Twister Pack of 2
Twister Pack of 3
Treat Peanut Butter Lolly Pack of 6
Treat Peanut Brittle Bites 210g
Mint Drops 150g
Denta Trac
Treat Boredom Busters Lrg Bulk P6
Peanut Butter for Dogs 225ml
Twirls P4
Meat Puffs Med Pack 80g
Bully Chows Bulk 250g
Treat  Achilles Tendon pack of 5
Treat Achilles Tendon Pack of 3
Chicken Dry Sausage 100g
Smoked Trotter Front Wrapped
Meat Puffs Lrg pack 160g
Meat Biscuits Lrg packed
Natural Hide Bone Med
Treat Twisted Chuma single