Our Products

Doggy Mesh Jacket discontinued
Nurture Calming Collar Cat
Atop 7 Spot On Dogs 4 pip (20-40kg)
Vetpatrol Hand Foam Sanitizer Blue 800ml disc
Chew Novelties Denta tripe
Needle 20g x 1.5
Needle 21g x 1
CanbiVet HOCL Med Pets 100ml (10-30kg)disc
Cape Aqua Watermelon 600ml 6's
Ricky Litchfield Sample Gel & leaflet 10's
Ricky Litchfield Shampoo 1L
Ricky Litchfield Tray Deal
Blade Titanium Oster 5F- see D01-0018
Blade Lubricant Oster Oil 91770 125ml dsc
Toy Squeaky Dog in Can DT1070 dsc
Bed Economy Small Navy dsc
Cat Toy Dangler Kitty Face dsc
Dogsense Adult Large Breed (Bruno) 20kg
Catsense 2kg (Box)
Catsense 500G (Tin)
Comfortis140mg 6's (2.3-4.5kg) Pink* (11/2020) tbd
Comfortis 270mg 6's(4.6-9kg) Orange disc
Comfortis 810mg 6's (18.1-27kg) Blue* (9/2020) tbd
Petflex Cartilage Supplement 450g expired
Emerald Shampoo 5L(disc)
Husky Lamb Veg & Barley 775g Can
Pamper Country Feast 1.4kg
Pamper Sea Delights 1.4kg
Pamper Gourmet Meat Feast 2.9kg
Epol Dry Cat Chk Flav 1.8kg Dry
Collar Leather Studded Pitbull Size 30 Tan (House
Toy Rubber Tug w/3 Circles 18.75cm dsc
Choke Chain Half 10mmx33x48cm dsc
Choke Chain Half 20mmx44x68cm dsc
Treat Twisties P Butter & Yog. 60g 3pce Denta dsc
Cat Toy Melody Chaser Owl Gigwi dsc
Litter Clump Soya Kit Kat - Original - Box of 6 ds
Life Jacket Fun Fish XLge Outward Hound dsc
Toy Invincible Roadzkillz Skunk Blk/Wht O Ho dsc
Litter Tray Aristotray Med Stone Red dsc
Dog Toy Plush & Tuff Lizard Small Pawz to Clawz ds
Pet Bedding Navy Cable Knit Bed Lg Rwood dsc
Treat Coconut Fibre Stacker Rosewood dsc
Cat Toy Burlykat Catnip Stuffer dsc
Cat Toy Nighttime Glow Snail Petstages dsc
Cat Catnip Shaker 14gms Petstages dsc
Toy Rebound Ball Petstages dsc
Treat Bone Med Pk3 Wizerbone dsc
Treat Variety Value Box Lge 14Pce Whim dsc
Nature's Nest Avian Complete 4kg (5kg)
Nature's Nest Avian Deluxe 10kg
Nature's Nest Aloe Vera Bird Spray 250ml
Nutribyte Mothers Miracle 4kg
Program Plus 11.5/230mg Yellow(DISCONTINUED)
Program Plus 460mg 6's (23-45kg) White
Program Plus 115mg 6's (5-11kg) Green
Program Oral Susp Cat(DISCONTINUED)
Needle 18g x 1.5
Needle 20g x 1
Needle 23g x 1
Petpatrol Stain & Odour Remover 500ml dsc
Sani-Pin Sanitiser Liquid 100ml SBO
Probio Pond Clean 500ml
Poop Bag Holder w/Bags x15 Bone Shape Blue dsc
Sim Sol Diapers XXL 12 Pack 63 to 76cm dsc
Chew Supa Chew Bone Lrg 100g 12's dsc
Sim Sol Diaper Garment Clamshell Washable XS
Sim Sol Diapers Male Wrap Washable S
Sim Sol Puppy Training Pad Holder dsc
ET Tube Cuffed R/Rub 11mm (Rucenta)disc
ET Tube Cuffed R/Rub 2.5mm (Rucenta)
Plush Toy Santa Log 28cm dsc
Treat Toothbrush 10cm Pk3 Green Ossobello dsc
Treat Flowers S 12cm Pk4 Green Ossobello dsc
Treat Flowers L 18cm Pk2 Green Ossobello dsc
Treat Bones M Expo Box of 35 Ossobello dsc
Vets Own Over Zoo Ear Wash 50ml dsc
Supreme Pet Elite Roast Beef 2kg
Supreme Pet Elite Roast Beef 8kg
Supreme Pet Elite Roast Beef 20kg
Supreme Pet Elite Roast Beef 40kg
Supreme Pet Elite Mixed Grill 40kg
Supreme Pet Maintenance Roast Beef 8kg
Supreme Pet Maintenance Roast Beef 20kg
Supreme Pet Maintenance Roast Beef 40kg
Supreme Pet Puppy Tender Beef Fillet 8kg
Pooch Herbal Sham/Cond Dip (Twin pack)
Physio Ear Cleaner 100ml sos
Physiological Shampoo 5L (V-Tech)